If you would like to subscribe to a volume this is how it unfolds

Select the volume you’d like to fund on
the 'volumes' page and choose your subscription.

I will travel to the destination during the outlined time
to collect and record the photographs and stories.

Once the trip is completed the editing process and creation
of the web exhibition begins.

After the volume is finished you will have exclusive access
to an online exhibition of the finished photographs. 
If you have selected a limited edition print, this is when
you choose the photograph you'd like printed.

The edition numbering is based on
how many contributors pick a specific photograph.
    If you’re the only one to pick a
particular image it becomes a 1 of 1.
   If you and four others pick the same photograph
it will be an edition of 5.

Once the photographs have been chosen by all the contributors the final stage is printing the material (prints and books) and sending it off to you!