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Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I receive my package?
It will take me about three months after a trip to edit and have everything ready for the online exhibition and printing. Once everyone has selected the photograph of their choice, they are printed, signed and numbered and sent out to you immediately. Those who chose a book will also receive this at the same time.

If I pick the same print as someone else what number will I receive in the edition?
The most unbiased way I approach this is a first in first served basis, from the funding date and time.

Can I order more than one print?
You can select additional quantities before adding them to the cart. The pricing however will be that of an additional contributor. This is to remain within the limitation of prints made for each volume. 

How many volumes will you create?
At this stage I have worked towards creating 15 volumes. This may change but for now that's what I'm working towards.

What happens if I subscribe after the volume has been completed?
The only restriction is that you'll be unable to purchase any photographs already with editions assigned to them.

If a volume is cancelled, do I get a refund?
Of course. You'll receive the full amount back.